“Okapi: A Mythical Creature Come to Life”.nguyen01

Okapi, also known as zebra-thighed deer, is a strange animal, its appearance looks like an animal in a fairy tale.

Okapi, this type of physical contract is a matter of business

Okapi is a strange animal, the scientific name is Okapia johnstoni, a mammal belonging to the Giraffe family and closely related to giraffes, living in the dense forests of the Democratic Republic of the United States. Congo in Africa.

Okapi, this type of coin is created from the story of the story-Figure-2

They are also known as striped deer or African unicorns because of their unique appearance. Okapi has a hybrid appearance between a donkey, a giraffe and a zebra, with striped thighs and hind legs and a long neck.

Okapi, this kind of character is born from a story-Figure-3

They have a separate secret language that other animals, including humans, cannot hear. Like a small number of special animals such as whales and elephants, Okapi emit sound waves of extremely low frequencies, inaudible to human hearing.

Okapi, this type of material is created from the story of the story-Figure-4

If people want to penetrate their secret language system, humans need special specialized equipment to listen.

Okapi, this kind of character is born from a story-Figure-5

Okapi only lives in the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Because of its unique and beautiful appearance, it is not only revered but has also become a national symbol. Okapi’s image is also printed on the coins of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Okapi, this kind of material is born from a story-Figure-6

Okapi live alone, they eat leaves like giraffes. Grass, ferns and young leaves are the main food sources of this animal.

Okapi, this kind of character is born from a story-Figure-7

Scientists also noticed something very interesting: Okapi also ate tree logs scorched by lightning to help his digestion.

Okapi, this kind of character is born from the story of the story-Figure-8

Strangely beautiful, the endemic animals of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been hunted to the point of exhaustion, becoming very rare and in danger of extinction. Besides, they have also lost their habitat due to deforestation which has devastated their widespread habitat.

Okapi, this kind of character is born from the story of the story-Figure-9

Currently, it is difficult to find Okapi in the wild because this rare creature is shy and afraid of people.

Okapi, this kind of material is born from a story-Figure-10

Close-up of the strange beauty of a rare animal known as the African unicorn.

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