The happy encounter between a troop of monkeys and a giant foreign minister is an unexpected example of an interspecies

The situation with the water guinea pigs in Nordelta sounds quite challenging. It seems like their population has grown unchecked due to the absence of natural predators and human interference in their habitat.

Sebastian Di Martino’s points about the impact of habitat loss and overhunting leading to the extinction of their natural predators are crucial. Without these predators to control their numbers, the water guinea pigs are free to multiply rapidly and cause problems for the residents of Nordelta.

Creating a nature reserve might be a positive step in managing the situation, but as Di Martino mentioned, it won’t solve the underlying issue of the population explosion. Reducing their numbers or finding alternative habitats for them might be more effective in the long run.

It’s also interesting to hear from residents like Perla Paggi, who see potential in coexisting with these animals. However, precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of both humans and pets, given the size and behavior of the water guinea pigs.

Overall, it’s a complex situation that requires a multifaceted approach involving conservation efforts, population control measures, and perhaps even habitat restoration to address the root causes of the conflict between humans and these giant rodents.

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