Encounter the World’s Tiniest Bulging-Eyed Pygmy Monkey, Once Thought Extinct.nguyen01

We often debate whether puppies or kittens are cuter, but have you ever thought that in the animal world, there are many other animals that are equally adorable? One of them is the Tasier pygmy monkey, more specifically, this is also one of the smallest monkeys on Earth.

So how adorable is this dwarf monkey? Let’s learn about this animal through the article below.

As one of the smallest and rarest primates, the Tarsier monkey was once thought to be extinct in 1921. However, 86 years later, they once again “reappeared”.

See the world's smallest bulging-eyed pygmy monkey, believed to be extinct, photo 1

In 2008, scientists rediscovered this Tarsier monkey in Indonesia and some Southeast Asian countries – the main habitat of this special primate.

Tarsier monkeys are as small as mice – about 85 – 160mm tall, weigh 600g with large eyes and ears.

See the world's smallest bulging-eyed pygmy monkey, believed to be extinct, photo 3

Large ears effectively support dwarf monkeys in listening to the movements of prey such as insects, birds, snakes or lizards.

Tarsier monkeys also possess thick fur to keep their bodies warm in cold and humid environments.

Instead of having fingernails and toenails like other primates, pygmy monkeys have curved claws to cling tightly to moss-covered tree trunks.

The Tarsier’s hind limbs are quite long, especially the instep bones. Thanks to these legs, Tarsier can move quickly across the tree at night.

The distance of their jump can be 40 times longer than their body length.

Tarsier monkeys appeared on Earth 45 million years ago and were widely distributed in many areas on Earth. However, currently this monkey species is at risk of extinction.

The main reason is that their habitat is shrinking and many wild cats see them as prey to hunt.

On the other hand, this rare monkey species is often caught by local people to raise and sell to tourists.

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