The Miracle of the Newborn: Tommy Angel Lifts His Head and Crawls to Welcome Every Baby Just Three Days After

Samantha Mitchell from White Oak, Pennsylvania, experienced a remarkable surprise when her newborn daughter, Nyilah Daise Tzabari, displayed extraordinary physical abilities just days after birth. Captured on camera, Nyilah was seen standing up and crawling in her hospital bed when she was merely 2.5 days old, astonishing her mother and grandmother.

Early Development Milestones

Nyilah, born three weeks late on February 27, 2023, weighing seven pounds and six ounces, began showing advanced physical development almost immediately. Unlike typical newborns, who usually start crawling between six and nine months, Nyilah was already moving and supporting her head at less than three days old. This exceptional display of strength and coordination left Samantha, who has extensive experience with children, utterly amazed.

Family’s Reaction

Samantha was quick to record Nyilah’s crawling because she knew it would be hard to believe without evidence. Her mother, who was present at the time, encouraged her to capture the moment. The video shows Nyilah stretching her limbs to support herself while crawling and lifting her head, a sight that left both women in awe. Samantha noted that her fiancé would have been skeptical had he not seen the video proof.

Continued Progress

Nyilah’s rapid development did not stop there. At just 18 days old, she was able to roll from her stomach to her back, and by two months, she could roll from her back to her stomach. Now at three months, she is already standing with support and showing signs of preparing to walk. Samantha mentioned that Nyilah insists on standing and refuses to buckle her knees, indicating her determination to be upright.

Reflections on Parenthood

Samantha Mitchell feels as though she never experienced having a typical newborn, given Nyilah’s accelerated development. She sometimes wishes for her daughter to slow down and enjoy being a baby. Nevertheless, she is in awe of Nyilah’s strength and resilience, predicting that her daughter will soon begin walking due to her ability to bear weight on her legs and her continuous attempts to stand.


Nyilah Daise Tzabari’s extraordinary early physical milestones have not only shocked her family but also challenged typical expectations for newborn development. Her story is a testament to the unique and unpredictable nature of infant growth, leaving her family in continuous amazement as they watch her surpass milestones at an unprecedented pace.

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