Overwhelmed by DJ Khaled’s $10 million Florida mansion: The living room has luxurious gold accents.ngochieu

In September, the 43-year-old “No Brainer” producer paid $21,750,000 for a 12,750-square-foot home with nine bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms.

Still, it’s not laughable that the musician used to live in the exclusive neighborhood of Island Beach.

The property, which is listed by Janet Ben Zvi of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms in addition to all the creature comforts one would anticipate from a Grammy nominee, such marble and walnut flooring, 30-foot ceilings, and 50-foot boat docks.

The recently remodeled mansion boasts an elevator, an outside veranda, and 14-karat gold fittings with Swarovski crystal accents, in addition to a tropical pool and spa with views of Dumfounding Bay. It’s all yours for a whopping $7,999,999!

To see all of the property’s breathtaking vistas, scroll down!

High arches and picturesque windows attract the eye prior to entering the mansion.

This Florida residence’s kitchen is equipped with a center island, a tile backsplash, and an abundance of cabinetry.

A fireplace, vaulted ceilings, and numerous windows that let in ample light create a comfortable retreat.

Shoes Abundant
DJ Khaled’s shoe collection and wardrobe are so large that he needed a ladder to access them all.

The marble floors and trim in the white and gray bathroom of the singer sparkle in the light.

A Touch of Glitz
A delicate chandelier imparts a sense of elegance to this living area.

Master Suite
The bedroom is suitable for a king with its royal purple décor, marble flooring, and elevated bed platform.

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