Lil Wayne criticized that the security staff at the stadium did not respect him. blame Anthony Davis for the problems!. hilary

Lil Wayne and Anthony Davis

Lil Wayne once complained about the service quality of Arena during the match between the Lakers and Wizards on March 1. The five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper said that the security staff at the stadium did not respect him. According to Wayne, the reason was because he criticized Anthony Davis in November.

“OH!”  Lil Wayne tweeted  . “I was treated very poorly in the Lakers game recently, but I think sooner or later they will do it to me because of what I said. I understand, I’m used to it.”

Lil Wayne  accused  security staff of treating him disrespectfully while moving to his seat. They wanted Wayne to wait in line, but instead of speaking politely, the staff behaved rudely. The male rapper added that he had never met these security guards before, so they were not people he usually encountered at Lakers games.

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What did Lil Wayne say about Anthony Davis?

In November, Wayne called on the Lakers to find a way to trade Anthony Davis. He emphasized that the Lakers will not be able to win the championship again with Davis.

“If the Lakers want to be a championship team… they have to get rid of AD,” the rapper said after the Lakers’ early season struggles.

Lil Wayne believes that Davis is too sensitive to injury, unable to deliver stable performances throughout the season, and that the Lakers do not necessarily need another superstar besides LeBron James.

Because Wayne could not prove whether his comments about Davis had anything to do with the incident at the Lakers vs Wizards match, the male rapper’s words were not supported much. In addition, Wayne recently admitted that Davis has played better since November, even in the Lakers’ losses.

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