Woman, 26, defies birth control odds to become mother of six adorable babies


In a surprising twist during the 1960s, a mother who was unaware of her pregnancy gave birth to triplets. Bethany Smith delivered two girls and a boy after facing a pregnancy scare the month before. The resident of Burton, Staffordshire, gave birth to Rjan and Kiren, both boys, on April 4 at 31 weeks gestation.

Bethany Smith, 26, and her partner Kay Singh, 38, from Burton, Staffordshire, welcomed daughters Kiren and Kirit and son Arjan on April 4. Bethany, a student teacher and part-ᴛι̇ɱe hairdresser, was already a mother to Reuben, seven, Pria, six, and Mari, four. She had not been actively trying for more children and had an intrauterine device (I.U.D) in place. The I.U.D, commonly known as a coil, is a small T-shaped device inserted into the womb by a doctor or nurse. Releasing copper, it hinders sperm from reaching an egg, designed to prevent pregnancy for five to 10 years.



Neither Bethany nor Kay have multiple births in their family, so it was a big shock to discover they were expecting triplets. The three babies were delivered at just 31 weeks at the Royal Derby Hospital and put on ventilators immediately because their lungs were so weak. It meant the couple were separated from their brood at birth and were unable to see them for several days due to the risk posed by ᴄoⱱι̇ɗ-19.



Arjan weighed 3lb 5oz, Kiren was 3lb 4oz, and Kirit was 3lb 9oz, and the three babies remained in the hospital for three weeks. Bethany told The Derby Telegraph: “It was really horrendous. I couldn’t see the girls for two days as they were on breathing equipment. Only one parent could visit once a day, and we had to wear masks, gowns, and gloves. It was very surreal and not how you’d imagine. All the excitement of having a baby was taken away because of ᴄoⱱι̇ɗ-19. We couldn’t do what normal parents would.”



Bethany had a scare at 26 weeks when she went into labor and was rushed to a hospital in London where thankfully they ɱaпaged to stop it. After they were born, the trio remained in the hospital for three weeks before they were allowed to go home. Kay said it was ‘heartbreaking’ when the triplets were whisked away to intensive care after the birth, and he and Bethany had to visit them separately. He admitted: “We couldn’t kiss them, and that was very difficult. It’s been a really difficult few weeks and very stressful.” Kay said the triplets are ‘absolute miracles,’ adding: ‘It was touch and go that they would even survive the birth. Now they’ve been born in the middle of this pandemic,’ he said. The triplets are now said to be making great progress.


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