The youngster is ten years old, but her maximum weight of 335 pounds makes walking quite сһаɩɩeпɡіпɡ (Videos)

Is that there are certain things that just happen and beyond our control?

All we need to do is accept them for who they are.

The fact that this youngster is only ten years old is extremely dіffісᴜɩt for everyone to accept.



She is living a life with a lot of weight that scares each and everyone that looks at her.

They all get shocked and imagine the kind of life that she must be going through right now.

This is her mother, who is a lot worried about her daughter’s life.

He is called Bosco

And he is the father to this child.

Both parents are so afraid about their daughter situation and they say that, according to what they have seen, they surely believe that their daughter won’t stop growing.

This young girl is called inosante, a french name that means an innocent person.



She says that she is 10 years old, but she does not like what is happening to her life, since she has never seen or even had anyone with this life before.

Her mother says that this is her first born and when she gave birth to her she looked no more and did not have this weight at all.

She says that innocente was born with two and a half kilograms and there was no problem at all after a few weeks their baby mysteriously started gaining weight.



They had no idea where it came from, since they were poor and couldn’t manage to give her a lot of food, and when it started becoming too much, they rushed her to the hospital.

She says that at only three months of age, inosanto was four kilograms heavy and at nine months she was 18 kilograms.



They also transferred innosante to another hospital in the city.

They went to the city and upon reaching the hospital that they had been transferred to, they also found nothing wrong with their baby, and Bosco was told that all they could see was just excessive fats and he would be given medicine that would prevent this if he only paid 180 Us dollars.



It was very hard for her parents because they did not know how they could ever manage taking their daughter to school, but they decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

They had to make a special seat for her in class before school started, and when the seat was complete she was invited to school, of which made her so happy.

She became one of the most intelligent students in class because she managed to score 98 in the first semester.

Going to school was not easy at all for her, because school was a little bit far from home


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