The beauty of blue bell flowers in the land of fog

Coming to Wakehurst forest (England) at this time, visitors will be overwhelmed by a carpet of blue bell flowers blooming with gentle beauty, creating a beautiful scene like in fairy tales.


Bluebells are one of the most beautiful wildflowers in the world. From mid-April, millions of bluebell flowers bloom, covering the ground of Wakehurst Botanical Garden, West Sussex, England. This is the favorite flower of the British, because it is a symbol of humility, gratitude and is also a symbol of eternal love.

Blue bell is a perennial plant, the nutrients to feed the plant are located in the tuber part of the ground. In some places, such as at Wakehurst Garden, bluebell flowers grow close together creating brightly colored carpets.

Bluebells appear throughout the ancient forests of Europe, but are most beautiful in the South West of England, where the climate is warmer than the rest of the country.

Bluebell flower season usually lasts from 3 to 5 weeks, with 3 colors of blue, white or pink, each flower has 6 petals.

This flower is shaped like a bell and has a sweet fragrance. The blooms will droop and can reach as many as 20 flowers per stem.

This flower is also very fragile, so the bluebell flower sightseeing areas recommend tourists to follow the available trails.


All parts of the plant contain glycosides, which, when ingested, cause symptoms such as decreased heart rate, diarrhea, hypotension, and nausea.

However, visitors are still fascinated by this flower carpet if they love the romantic purple-blue color.

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