She used to cry a lot, having eпdᴜгed immense раіп. But now, she is truly the pride of her family. 

Meet Amber! A loving soul discovered her in a ditch this morning in the middle of Lancaster County, South Carolina, a brindle beauty torn to shreds by terrible cruelty. Amber’s face, a horrible collage of injuries, was infected beyond measure, and she needed reconstructive surgery right away.



Her nasal canal was torn apart, leaving her fighting to breathe as a result of the cruelty she underwent. Her damaged jaw and misaligned teeth added to her suffering, and her once-completed nose was now in pieces. The severity of her injuries required the medical team to sedate her for a CT scan, an unusual level of trauma in their experience.





Amber, who was only two years old, had her entire life ahead of her, despite her weak frame and acute malnourishment, which spoke eloquently about her prior suffering. She was sedated every day for around five days as committed professionals worked tirelessly to give her a new lease on life. Amber now has a repaired face and new nasal passages thanks to their steadfast dedication, however the swelling acts as a reminder of her tragedy.



Her lovely personality remained unaffected, a monument to her fortitude in the face of tragedy. Amber displayed tremendous bravery and love despite her difficulties as she healed and faced the obstacles of heartworm treatment and spaying.





She relished fun after a filling dinner, eventually cuddling up on her blanket for a blissful rest. Today, under the warm sun, she went for walks in her new neighbourhood with her newfound siblings, Jack and Alice—clear evidence that she had found comfort and security in her new home.



Amber would like to express her heartfelt gratitude to all of her amazing friends who have supported her journey, thought of her as she launched on her path to a better life, and unconditionally loved her.

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