Mother Celebrates Daughter’s Birthmark, Finding Beauty in Uniqueness


Eboy and Jamie, 34, met in 2016 and have one love, Harley, three. Jamie also has an older daughter, Hollie, Pie, from a previous relationship. Harper joined her little family in September 2020, weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces.



Little Harper was born with a 1 i 20,000 birthmark on the left side of her face and posture. Harper Kiig’s devoted parents, Eboy and Jamie, say that when they first saw the huge birthmark covering most of her face, they were “speechless.” She was surprised, but they were worried about how people would treat her as she got older.



Eboпy, 23, from Hᴜddersfield, Yorkshire, said: “The birthmark was a huge surprise and it makes me sad to think how Harper might be treated as she gets older.” Hᴜmaпs can be so crᴜel.

No matter what form you have, you will always be the child of your parents, the angels, the crystallization of love. Her parents rejected the offer of surgery to give her the ability to make her own decisions as she aged despite her initial reservations, claiming that it “made her even more beautiful.” His brothers call it his ‘special mark’ and that’s exactly how we see it; Harper is special. She is becoming more beautiful with her birthmark and we will make her tell it to her every day.



Harper performed a C-section, according to Eboy. She has a very large birthmark on her face, Jamie told me after giving birth. She couldn’t say anything when I saw her. I couldn’t believe she was hiding half of her face from her. I think she was in shock at the time, so I didn’t sit down and cry for a long time until about two weeks later. I feel sorry for Harper and any prejudice she may have in the fᴜtᴜre instead of me.

The therapist told the family that the birthmark was a Naevᴜs cogeital melapocytic, and that a large facial birthmark is so rare that one occurs in every 20,000 births.



Fortunately, it’s just a birthmark, and while Harper will need more testing, it likely poses a serious health risk. They were given the option of having the birthmark surgically removed, which would require a graft and would surely be a cost-effective treatment that would leave scars.

Eboy said: ‘The birthmark has faded a little since he was born, but it will never fade completely. We decided to leave the surgery alone until Harper was of age to decide for herself. It’s hard work and she should be the one to decide.

We respect your child’s decision, so we will leave all decisions up to him as he grows. Anyway, you are a great gift that has come into the life of this little family. Our children always love each other, they are both happier than seeing them like this, growing up together, being healthy together.


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