Fiпdiпg Beaυty iп Uпiqυeпess: My Noseless Joυrпey of Self-Exploratioп (Video).

This woman has been living without a nose after losing it in a tragical incident which narrowly survived. But how is she coping with life after losing the nose? Oh, we visit her and she tells us more of extraordinary life. This 43 year old was born normal and lived a normal life with the nose, as any other person.

She was born in a poor background where they often struggled with getting food and other basic needs. After turning 19, she moved from her City to another urban center looking for green pasture. But, as they always say, we don’t often get what we want. Due to living a difficult life, I helped.

Moving to the city would be a breakthrough, but sadly, due to insecurities, I was short on the nose. I didn’t lose the nose immediately, then scratched it and later lost it. After losing the nose, she was taken to the hospital where doctors operated and closed the empty Gap where the nostrils were closed.

Since that day, she breathed us from the mouth. It was difficult at first, as some days she even struggled to breathe before adapting to using her mouth, realized how she looked totally different to how she was before this tragedy, and that caused a loss of Islam, and she thought that no one will ever loved her due to having no nose.

I thought no one would ever love me, but a man came to me who had a wife and kid and still promised he loved me and, having lost hope, thinking no one cares, I trusted him and we lived together. But after having a child together we parted ways. What she went through was really terrible: love, putting ways, getting back together and repeat.

The man returned and apologized, then took her back home. But lastly, living together wasn’t working and she returned to her home village, where she lives up to this present day. My husband seemed to care.

He could defend me most of the times and tell people how beautiful I looked despite losing the nose, but they kept asking him how blind he was to fall in love with such an ugly looking woman, and he realized that maybe they were right. The 43 year old admits that losing her nose has affected her in almost everything, because she’s no longer the same in terms of physicality. Her body is too weak to handle the village life, because Lafia means you have to use a physical energy to survive.

But since losing her nose she gets weaker and weaker daily that providing for herself and the first bun is much more complicated. I can’t easily do some activities. Cultivating is way more difficult for me, but I’m focused to do it because there’s no one else here. It’s me, my son and my mother. Those two don’t contribute to anything because my boy is too young to do such and the mother is too old to do anything, and that means that everything that concerns providing has to be done by only me.

Yeah, She never thought about how losing a nose was a big deal until her first day returning to her home Village, and people failed to recognize her because she looked like someone else, not her, and she was left shocked. Those who knew me and Those whom we grew up together took too much time to see that I was the same person.

Most of the times I had to reintroduce myself again, tell them my names and say what happened that took away my nose, having never considered that one day should be. Living a life without a nose, explains why, even up to this day, having a self-acceptance and moving on is to a very long journey, as she keeps seeing herself different from others. It was hard for me to move on, because whenever I try and convince myself that I’m like anyone else, then move on.

I lose my confidence, like whenever I go to church or to the market. Many people stop and stare at me for a long period of time and that tells me that maybe I’m a different creature, plus a few other people who keep discouraging me with some negative comments that I’m ugly and stuff like that. Foreign, despite being discouraged or bullied, she says this no longer hurts her if you omit her just because of her appearance.She moves on. She says people are made different. Some are kind, loving and caring and others are completely the opposite. So it’s life And she can’t waste that time on such people.

Now, after the incident in which was shot and lost the nose, she was not quickly taken to the hospital and delayed due to lack of enough money for treatment and thus was later given some treatment. Having delayed had a big impact, like having a severe headache where her head is always aching, and this started right that she lost her nose. And it’s a pretty worrisome problem.

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