Without a doubt, this is the cutest little mechanic I’ve ever seen. Can’t stop losing so much.pink

With clumsy but enthusiastic hands, a small baby is starting to get acquainted with the profession of a mechanic. Every day, I follow my father to the workshop, my eyes lighting up at the sight of complex machines and all kinds of mechanical tools. Under my father’s dedicated guidance, I gradually learn how to hold a wrench, turn screws, and repair small parts. Even though I sometimes fumble and make mistakes, I am always hardworking and constantly learning. Clear laughter rings out amidst the noisy machinery, making the workshop more lively and warm. I dream of one day becoming a talented mechanic, just like the father I admire.


Despite being young, my passion for mechanics is evident. Each day, I eagerly accompany my father to the workshop. With attentive eyes, I observe his every move, from holding a wrench and turning screws to checking every detail of the machine. My tiny hands gradually become more skillful with each attempt at small tasks such as changing oil and cleaning machine parts. Even though I make mistakes at times, I remain patient and committed to learning. My clear laughter, mixed with the mechanical sounds, resounds throughout the workshop, bringing joy and liveliness to the otherwise dry working space. I dream of growing up to become a skilled mechanic, capable of repairing and improving machines just like my father.

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