With ѕрeсtaсpla, Russian Military Aviation Makes Its Sky Debut in Dubai.pink

Russia is showcasing several military aircraft at the Dubai Airshow, marking their debut at this prestigious event. The presence of Russian aircraft highlights the growing participation of East and West aircraft manufacturers, including China and Russia, in this show. Here are some notable aircraft being showcased:

Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate: This light tactical fighter jet was unveiled earlier at the MAKS 2021 airshow in Moscow. The Su-75 Checkmate is designed to provide affordable, lightweight, and advanced fighter capabilities suitable for operators who cannot access or afford top-tier 5th or 6th generation aircraft like the F-35 or Su-57. It boasts exceptional range, speed, and avionic features, along with low visibility and capability to counter modern air defense systems.


Russian Helicopters Mi-28NE, KA-52, and Mi-226T:

    • Mi-28NE “Night Hunter”: An export modification of the Mi-28, designed for reconnaissance and attack missions. Capable of defeating main battle tanks, armored vehicles, and low-speed air targets, it operates in day/night and adverse weather conditions.
    • KA-52 Alligator: A reconnaissance and attack helicopter known for its low visual and acoustic signature. Equipped with electronic protection systems and active countermeasures, it excels in operations requiring precise maneuvering.
    • Mi-226T: A modernized version of the Ka-226, featuring improved aerodynamics and lightweight materials. This helicopter is designed for high-altitude operations and is known for its efficiency and digital manufacturing approach.
    • Mi-171A2: This heavy multipurpose helicopter is making its debut in the Middle East at the Dubai Airshow 2021. It features powerful engines, composite rotor blades, X-shaped tail rotor, advanced avionics, and improved automatic control system.

The Dubai Airshow serves as a platform for Russia to showcase its cutting-edge military aircraft, highlighting their capabilities and features to potential international partners and operators. The display of these aircraft underscores Russia’s commitment to advancing aerospace technology and expanding its global reach in the aviation industry.

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