When the breastfeeding mother discovered the father and son dozing off in identical positions, she privately asked, “Am I just a replacement?” with a little longing.pink

It’s heartwarming to see how mothers capture the memorable moments throughout their children’s developmental journey. From smiles to tantrums and even their adorable sleeping positions, these moments are cherished and shared by mothers everywhere.

Interestingly, many mothers notice a striking resemblance between their children and their fathers, not just in personality and appearance but also in their sleeping postures. It’s as if the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” rings true in every aspect of their lives.

Chùm ảnh cha nào con nấy hài hước được các mẹ bỉm sữa thi nhau chia sẻ

Recently, a breastfeeding mother took the opportunity to capture the identical sleeping positions of her husband and child one beautiful Sunday morning. She shared the images on social media, humorously noting, “This is definitely her father’s daughter. No way around it.”

Netizens were quick to agree, seeing the “exact replica” sleeping positions of the father and child. This phenomenon is not uncommon, as many mothers also take pride in showcasing the sleeping postures of their own father-child pairs, joining what some playfully call the “rented womb club.”

15 bức ảnh bố con giống nhau "từ lông tới cánh"

It’s moments like these that highlight the special bond between fathers and their children, bringing joy and laughter to families everywhere.

Nhìn tướng ngủ giống nhau không trượt phát nào của hai cha con khiến mẹ bỉm sữa ngậm ngùi tự nhận "kiếp đẻ thuê"

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