When she was 37 weeks pregnant, she started Pole Dancing.pink

Professional dancer Jade Flash, who once feared infertility after her strict exercise regime halted her periods at just 15 years old, continued to dance and perform until she was 37 weeks pregnant. Jade, 34, and her partner Nathan welcomed a healthy baby boy named Maddox on August 1, weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces.

Despite her rigorous training routine, which caused her to stop ovulating for 12 years, Jade resumed her periods during a vacation with Nathan, leading to her natural pregnancy. She initially worried about her fertility and was told by doctors that her only chance of conceiving might be through IVF due to her long absence of menstrual cycles. However, after receiving medical clearance, Jade continued her aerial and barre dance training, although she significantly reduced her sessions from 45 hours a week to just one day a week after 17 weeks of pregnancy.

Fitness fanatic Jade Flash, pictured, who continued aerial and pole dancing until week 37 of her pregnancy, has claimed the tough workout helped prevent any 'morning sickness or fatigue'

Jade, a fitness enthusiast from Birmingham, attributes her lack of morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy to her active lifestyle. She said, “Being in such good shape, my doctor said my body would fare worse if I stopped exercising entirely.” Jade ensured she didn’t perform any moves that could harm the baby, avoiding any stunts that involved wrapping her belly or putting pressure on it.

Before Maddox, Jade believed she might be infertile because she hadn’t ovulated in years. Her periods had stopped when she was just 15, a result of her intense training regimen. However, the return of her menstrual cycle while on vacation with Nathan was a pleasant surprise, eventually leading to her pregnancy.

Jade, pictured with her partner Nathan, both from Birmingham, kept pole dancing until she was 37 weeks pregnant but largely reduced her training after 17 weeks

Jade’s journey is a testament to the balance between maintaining fitness and ensuring safety during pregnancy. She naturally gave birth to Maddox and continues to share her story to inspire others. Her passion for dance, which began at 16, saw her performing in Mexico, at private celebrity parties, and even touring the UK with a circus. Despite the intensity of her training and performances, she found joy and fulfillment in her career. Now, as a new mother, she continues to celebrate her journey with her family.

Jade’s story underscores the importance of adapting one’s fitness routine during pregnancy while highlighting the positive impact of staying active. Her dedication to dance and fitness, coupled with her careful adjustments, allowed her to have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy.

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