When a massive fish washed up in Southern California, it smashed records, shocking everyone.pink

The discovery of the giant oarfish by Santana and the subsequent efforts to bring it ashore have created quite a stir. Here’s a detailed summary of the key points:

Key Points:

  1. Discovery:
    • The oarfish was discovered by Santana, a science instructor, while snorkeling in Toyon Bay at Santa Catalina Island.
    • Santana saw the giant fish about 30 feet deep and swam down to grab it by the tail, swimming it to the beach.
    • chiem nguong thuy quai dai nhat the gioi duoc menh danh “rong bien” hinh anh 4
    • Physical Description:
    • The oarfish found was 18 feet long.
    • Oarfish can grow to more than 50 feet, making them the longest bony fish in the world.
  2. Context and Rarity:
    • Oarfish dive more than 3,000 feet deep, making sightings rare.
    • They are largely unstudied due to their deep-sea habitat.
    • The last oarfish seen by CIMI’s staff was only three feet long.
  3. Response and Reaction:
    • Santana dragged the fish ashore, with staff later helping her.
    • The carcass was displayed for students at CIMI.
  4. Scientific Interest:
    • Tissue samples and video footage have been sent to the University of California, Santa Barbara for study.
    • There are hopes to eventually display the skeleton after natural cleaning.chiem nguong thuy quai dai nhat the gioi duoc menh danh “rong bien” hinh anh 5
  5. Historical Significance:
    • Oarfish have inspired sea serpent legends throughout history.
    • The species, Regalecus glesne, was first discovered in 1772 by Norwegian biologist Peter Ascanius.
    • The longest recorded specimen was 26 feet, though they are believed to grow up to 50 feet and weigh as much as 600 pounds.
  6. Previous Discoveries:
    • In 1996, Navy Seals found a 23-foot long oarfish off Coronado, near San Diego, California.
  7. Future Plans:
    • The Catalina fish is currently on ice, with discussions on whether to bury it for natural cleaning before displaying the skeleton.


The discovery of the 18-foot oarfish has provided a rare and valuable opportunity for scientific study and public education. Santana’s remarkable effort in bringing the fish ashore has allowed researchers and students to examine this deep-sea creature up close, contributing to our understanding of these mysterious giants of the ocean.

chiem nguong thuy quai dai nhat the gioi duoc menh danh “rong bien” hinh anh 6

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