Watch Jeep on The SHERP ATV Show How to Perform Rock Crawling in Moab, Utah

The Sherp is an innovative yet ultimate all-terrain vehicle designed to meet the needs of adventure-loving customers. Sherp the company meant the ATV not just to take people off the road, but also to conquer the world. It doesn’t matter where it goes. It works well on snow, sand, and mud. Furthermore, it can even climb hills and mountains without difficulties.

The Sherp ATV can do almost all things off the road and drive over a frozen river, making it unique and different from other vehicles in several ways. Sherp created the ATV from two linked units operating as a single vehicle. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution for various industries. It can transport bulky cargo, water, fuel, or liquid to remote locations.

It can also deploy teams, crews, and passengers in harsh conditions, expeditions, or difficult-to-reach areas. Sometimes, though, the Sherp needs to climb over rocks – an ability that fascinates many people. YouTube channel Far From Ordinary took the challenge of having a Sherp crawl over rocks at the famed Moab trail in Utah, showing Jeep off-roaders in the area how this rock-crawling thing is done.

No Steering Wheel? No Problem

The Sherp is extremely unique – it doesn’t have a steering wheel and a suspension. For off-road beginners, this seems like bad news; they may see the Sherp as not capable of handling rocky roads or harsh terrains. But they might become interested once they learn how the Sherp turns and handles the off-road.

While it doesn’t have a steering axle – it is usually controlled through the steering wheels – the Sherp can turn. It is very maneuverable and can even make turns sharper than most vehicles. This is because Sherp turns via skid steering. This relies on two wheels on each side locked in synchronization and driven independently of the other pair on the opposite side.

This isn’t how most vehicles make turns. Typically, the front wheels turn. In some cases, the rear wheels make the turn. But in the Sherp’s case, its system locks some wheels and turns the others. As the video shows, the Sherp’s outermost wheels turned while inner ones coasted – resulting in tank-like maneuverability.

Inflatable Tires Do The Suspension Trick

Sherp massive deflated tires

In the video, the Sherp ATV can crawl over massive rocks with its tires looking heavily deflated. Drivers need not worry though since that is all part of the setup. The Sherp wears s set of tubeless, ultra-low pressure tires with a special tread pattern. While the tires seem soft, they are reliable; they employ high-quality materials (special-composition rubber and cord) using advanced production technologies.

The driver can adjust the amount of air in the tires with just a push of a button – even while the Sherp is moving. The video depicts the Sherp as having the ability to deflate its tires. The good news for a vehicle like Sherp is that these tires are perfect for rocky terrain. Even for Moab’s difficult rock climbs, the Sherp’s tire inflation/deflation system is its best weapon. Interestingly, it takes less than 30 seconds to reach the operating tire pressure when inflating — using exhaust gases.

Moab: A Heaven For Off-Road Enthusiasts

Jeep and Sherp rock crawl in Moab

Thanks to its extensive network of trails, Moab, Utah has become a popular destination for off-roaders. It’s the site for the annual Jeep Safari, a festival of off-road capable Jeeps. If a driver wants a great off-road challenge, Moab is the right place to go. One of the rocky destinations in Moab is the Gold Bar Rim, which should test the crawling ability of the Sherp ATV.

In the video, the Sherp was able to drive easily through the rough and rocky roads. It’s tradition for visitors of the Gold Bar Rim to touch the toes of Gooney Bird Rock, and the Sherp was able to do this with relative ease. But as the terrain became more difficult, with several three-foot rocks on the way, the Sherp ATV had a harder time going over. Such difficulty is understandable since other off-roading vehicles also had to muscle their way over these rocks.

Sherp Can Indeed Crawl Over Rocks

Sherp rock crawl success
Going over or crawling over the rocks of Moab relies both on the capability of the Sherp ATV and the driving skills of the driver. The driver had to adjust the aid on the tires to ensure that the Sherp ATV can cover more terrain for greater grip. After a few adjustments on the part of the driver, the Sherp finally managed to hurdle the rocks, each with lesser difficulty.

As Far from Ordinary noted, the Sherp ATV looked like a giant tractor that walked over shelves of rocks that even Jeeps would need to take their time getting over. And yes, the Sherp can crawl rocks, and that’s what off-roader drivers need from their ATVs.

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