Warrior Dog: The journey to conquer three types of cancer and the most adorable 15th birthday party

The gift of life is always a reason for celebration and we are not simply talking about human life, but about all that lives on our planet. So when we refer to a birthday, it doesn’t matter how or where, but the most beautiful thing is to have that detail with the honoree. Just like Estrella’s human mother, Agatha Aguiar, has done, who decided to celebrate her Dachshund dog in style with reason for his 15 springs.

Estrella the sausage is a very special being for her daddies and not only because she has won their hearts with her tenderness, but this dog is a true warrior and has known how to fight the toughest battles. With her example, Agatha and her partner have learned to never give up even when facing a difficulty as great as cancer.

Agatha knows how hard Estrella’s life has been in recent years, in which she has had to face several types of cancer. “She came to our family 15 years ago and has filled our lives with the purest love! In the last 2 years she has been fighting cancer: she has had breast, uterine and skin cancer. She underwent several surgeries and chemotherapy, but she resisted wonderfully,” the owner pointed out.

Without a doubt this dog has had to go through quite a difficult journey but, even those days when she couldn’t stand the body pains or came home from the vet after therapy, Estrella kept her good mood. “Every time she came home from the vet, she had this beautiful face in the photos and was already asking for food,” Agatha said.

This mom revealed how the idea of ​​Estrella’s 15th birthday had arisen. In her adolescence, Agatha herself wanted a party like that but her parents couldn’t afford it, for that reason now she entertained her dog’s life in the most beautiful way. Estrella looked radiant during the celebration but she also enjoyed a delicious tuna cake made just for her.

For Agatha, the celebration was also super special and she went out of her way to give her a little bit of everything she considers her dog deserves. And although many melted with love for the images, she was not immune to criticism, so she responded with a forceful message: “It may sound frivolous to some, but those who know me know all the love I feel for her and this is not not at all what she deserves. She teaches me daily the meaning of the purest love and she is one of the strongest beings I have ever known,” said the proud mom. Here we show you the most tender moments of this warrior’s party.

Without a doubt Estrellita was very, very happy!

The dog looked like a real quinceañera in her pink dress.

We all know the loyalty and unconditional love that animals feel for their humans, so we can understand Agatha perfectly in her efforts to give Estrella the best she can. In addition to the party, the best gift that this woman has given him is knowing how to appreciate her, take care of her and also fight alongside the sausage in the most difficult moments.

Agatha and Estrella make a formidable duo and with her example this dog reminds us how important it is to always bet on life, share her story and together with your friends send Estrella all your blessings.

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