Usher owned his first mansion when he started his career at the age of 13 reported that the 39-year-old rapper sold his Alpharetta, Georgia house for $1.1miℓℓio? less than his original asking price.



In a 2003 episode of How I’m Living, the U Remind Me singer said he’d wɑntеd to buy the house since he was 13.



The BET broadcast showed that Usher Raymond IV first saw the house while it belonged to music producer L.A. Reid.



The Moesha actress thought, ‘One day, I want to possess a house like this.

The 8000-square-foot house has seven bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms.



The Blast reports a climate-controlled treehouse, yoga studio, and private dancing studio.

In 2003, Usher described the master bedroom as’real exquisite, yet very cozy, yet very seductive.’



“This room is me.”

The musician’s $4.2m Los Angeles property, for sale, was smashed into in late March. The Blast said Tuesday that thieves stole $820,000 in jewelry and cash.



The burglars seized the tape from the security cameras in the estate, making it nearly impossible to catch them.



The 4,261-square-foot mansion on a hill above Sunset Stгιp has five bedrooms, four full and two half bathrooms, and a pool.



After Usher and Grace Miguel separated in March, the home was listed.


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