Unveiling the ARCHER Artillery Alliance’s Future Mobile Firepower Assembled for the UK: Launching the Elite.pink

London, UK – June 15, 2024 – The ARCHER Artillery Alliance, a collaboration between BAE Systems, Babcock International, and Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), announces its approach for the UK’s Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) and plans to modernize critical UK artillery capabilities. The Alliance proposes the ARCHER wheeled mobile artillery system to replace the legacy AS90 for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), offering a proven, advanced technology system with low-risk solutions for the MFP programme, aimed at modernizing the UK’s 155mm capabilities.

Key Contributions from Alliance Members:

  1. BAE Systems:
    • Providing and integrating the weapon system, including the barrel and gun control system.
    • Establishing and managing the Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT) facility.
    • Utilizing expertise from their Swedish production line to re-establish sovereign barrel manufacturing in the UK, creating operational independence and security of supply.
  2. Babcock International Group:
    • Responsible for consolidating the superstructure and ammunition resupply system.
    • Leveraging significant manufacturing and maintenance capabilities in the South-West and West Midlands to deliver essential elements of engineering expertise, system integration, and innovative technology for system assembly.
  3. Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL):
    • Leading the UK integration of the RMMV HX 8X8 truck chassis and preparing the cabin for integration with the ARCHER artillery system.

Strategic Goals and Benefits:

  • Homegrown Solution: By transferring technology from Sweden and leveraging UK capabilities, the Alliance aims to deliver a long-term, sovereign artillery solution, ensuring the British Army has access to advanced, fielded artillery systems.
  • Economic Impact: The proposal anticipates creating over 350 high-skilled jobs within the UK, bolstering the local economy and enhancing the UK’s industrial base.
  • Operational Excellence: The ARCHER system, currently in service with the British Army as an interim solution, offers rapid deployment capabilities, superior mobility, lethality, and survivability. It ensures that operators control the entire gun system from the safety of ARCHER’s armored cabin, catering to fast-moving land forces and rapid response to threats.

Leadership Perspectives:

  • Chris Spicer, Managing Director of Engineering & Systems Integration at Babcock, emphasized the collaboration’s alignment with the MoD’s Land Industrial Strategy and its significance for delivering market-leading capabilities to the British Army through skilled teams and facilities.
  • John Borton, Managing Director of BAE Systems Weapon Systems UK, highlighted the strategic partnership’s potential to accelerate the MFP programme’s delivery and the aim to sustain and grow a specialized British industrial capability, providing opportunities for exports and enhancing national security.

BAE Systems, with a recent contract for an additional 48 ARCHER systems for the Swedish Army, demonstrates the system’s advanced capabilities and operational success, reinforcing the confidence in its proposed solution for the UK’s MFP programme.

The ARCHER Artillery Alliance’s comprehensive proposal promises to revitalize the UK’s artillery capabilities through innovation, collaboration, and strategic investments, ensuring the British Army is equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet future operational demands.

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