“Unveiling Sunken Treasures: Exploring Temple Ruins and Shipwrecks Beneath the Sea”.nguyen01

Pillar of an ancient building in the city of Heracleion.  Photo: Sun.
Pillar of an ancient building in the city of Heracleion. Photo: Sun.

After two months of exploration, Egyptian and European archaeologists found the ruins of a temple and several shipwrecks in the cities of Heracleion and Canopus, Newsweek reported on July 23. These are two ancient cities sunk under the sea, near the Nile Delta. The team of experts used sophisticated scanning equipment on this expedition.

Heracleion sank into the sea about 1,200 years ago and was discovered by divers in 2000. Researchers spent four years mapping the city. Since then, many expeditions have been organized to discover the secrets this place holds.

During the new expedition, the team of archaeologists discovered a Greek temple, many pillars, pottery from the third and fourth centuries BC, and bronze coins from the reign of King Ptolemy II (283- 246 BC). They also found several new ports, helping to expand the city map.

Bronze coins discovered in the archaeological site.  Photo: Sun.
Bronze coins discovered in the archaeological site. Photo: Sun.

The research team expanded the map of Canopus, the submerged city located near Heracleion, about a kilometer by discovering the remains of several ancient structures. Many gold and copper coins and some jewelry such as rings and earrings were also unearthed here. They claim that these artifacts existed from the Ptolemaic dynasty to the Byzantine empire.

Scientists examined a number of ancient shipwrecks and recovered many valuable items such as crockery, coins and jewelry. They identified them as dating back to the fourth century BC.

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