Unraveling History: Extraordinary Dragon Fossil Discovered in China’s Depths Amazes Researchers.ngochieu


Recently, the “Chipa dragon fossils” were exhibited at the Xinwei Ancient Living Fossil Museum in Anshun, Guizhou.
When archaeologists initially removed the clay from the fossil, they discovered that the dragon had a pair of horns on its head, and that the shape of the dragon closely resembled that of the legendary creature often remembered in novels.

Dragons have often appeared in Chinese legends. The dragon with two horns on its head is considered a totem. The totem was first adopted by Chinese ancestors and worshiped by the Chinese people. That is why the Chinese are also called “descendants of the dragon.”

Long ago, experts believed that dragons were fictional creatures that only existed in books.

The dragon fossil was discovered in 1996 in Guanling County, Anshun City, and has been well preserved. It is 7.6 meters long. It has a head 76 centimeters long and a beak 54 centimeters long. The body length is 2.7 meters and the width is 68 centimeters, while the tail length is 3.7 meters.

The dragon’s head is shaped like a triangle. Its mouth measures 43 centimeters long. The widest part of the head measures 32 centimeters in length. The horns project from the widest part of the head, and are symmetrical and 27 centimeters long. They are slightly curved and tilted, making the fossil closely resemble the legendary dragon.

The Chipa dragon was a reptilian animal that lived in the ocean in the Triassic period about 200 million years ago. It was an amphibian. He spent most of his time living in water, although he sometimes walked on land. She also laid eggs in the ground. The animal lived on fish and small reptile animals.

This is the first time Chia has found a dragon fossil with a pair of horns. His discovery provides some evidence showing that dragons really could have horns. The fossil provides important scientific information for people to trace the origin of the legendary Chinese dragon.

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