Unburdened: An intimate story of liberation, redemption, and a heartfelt letter to herders

What would you say to the person who you know hurt your greyhound dog or any breed? Surely like Theresa Strader there are many things that you would like to shout, that is why today we applaud the bravery of this woman who, after trying to raise her greyhound named Lily, wanted to make the story known and unload on those who had treated her so badly.

After meeting her helpless greyhound dog, the woman took a big step and founded an organization.greyhound

In 2007, National Mill Dog Rescue was born in honor of Lily, a dog who came to Theresa’s side in the worst conditions. The little animal had spent 7 years of her life on a breeding farm where she kept her in a small place with little food and without any veterinary care.

During that time, the dog did not know what it was like to play or run outdoors since they only had her to reproduce indiscriminately.

The consequences of those years were terrible in the dog’s life.

When the furry animal was rescued, she was riddled with mammary tumors and did not have a jaw due to an accident that no one on the farm could explain. The signs of abuse in the dog were evident, she also had a great fear of humans.

Life had not been kind to her, but Theresa took her into her arms to fill her with happiness for as long as the universe wanted. Sadly it wasn’t much, because a year after being freed Lily lost the battle.

It was then that the foundation in his memory was born.

The dog was one of the 561 dogs that a farmer named Martha kept in her possession on a piece of land in Missouri, and Theresa was there to save her.

Apparently the place had existed for more than 40 years, so the rescuer did not miss the opportunity to dedicate a few lines to that “human” who had caused so much pain.

Open letter to the farmer

Martha, everything I have witnessed on your property is far from human. Many terrified and sick faces, imprisoned in their wire confines, some staring at me, but most too afraid to look me in the eyes, so unsure of how to interpret the human contact that has caused me countless sleepless nights and to this day, The sadness and therefore fear in his eyes torments my being.

Lily is one of the few dogs that lacks a jaw. I wonder how she could explain why so many of her dogs were affected by this condition. I wonder if you ever worried about her pain or maybe how ready they were to eat enough to stay alive. I wonder what percentage died under her care from the results of this condition.

I wonder if you noticed. However, I’m pretty sure she probably noticed one thing beyond the rotting faces: her ability to produce puppies. That’s what his business is all about: producing puppies, no matter what the cost.

You don’t love any dogs, Martha. What you could do is spend forty years of your God-given life using dogs for your personal benefit. There is no reference to their physical or mental well-being, they only take advantage of their ability to reproduce.

Remember the thousands of dogs that trained your hands: you robbed each of them of the simple joys they so richly deserve. an honest meal, a warm and cozy place to sleep, medical care and, above all, a person’s companion to make up their entire life.

Lily died at the age of 8 from physical damage suffered during her life with the Missouri farmer. The most unfortunate thing is that this woman had state permits to raise dogs, but it seems that the place was never subjected to an inspection.

How many farms like these exist in the world? How many little dogs suffer like Lily did?

This industry operates before the eyes of everyone and under the complicit silence of those who decide to buy their pets instead of adopting them. Please don’t buy, adopt.

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