Una aventura valiente: Gavyn’s remarkable journey from birth to age four

Joseph and Victoria Silvestri learned five months into their pregnancy that their son Gavi would be different. Thanks to frequent consultations with specialists, they were perfectly prepared for the birth of an unusual baby.

Gavi was born on February 1, 2018. Measuring 46 centimeters, he weighed just over 3 inches, which is perfectly normal. Except that the baby’s face was enormous in size. This peculiarity caught the attention of journalists, and several major media outlets wrote about the ordinary office child. The child’s popularity grew rapidly, and thousands of people began subscribing to his social media page (created by his parents). Many of them probably followed Gavi’s life, but also offered to help.

Immediately after his birth, the baby was prescribed numerous medical procedures to determine the cause of his peculiarity and to stop the enlargement of his face.

It turned out that Gavi’s face had enlarged due to a lymphatic anomaly. It will take some time for his face to return to its normal size….

The boy is four years old. He is growing into a very intelligent, hard-working child. He recently started nursery school, where he is making great progress and is praised by his teachers.

The boy’s face is still larger than normal, but is gradually normalizing.

El día de las puertas abiertas, Gavi tendrá que separarse de su especialidad, convirtiéndose en un “niño normal”. Y sus padres están haciendo todo lo posible para acercar ese día. Y la forma en que era cuando era niño seguirá estando abierta en las páginas virtuales de Internet.

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