Twin pregnancy turns into quadruplets, the day the mother gives birth leaves the whole hospital “shocked”.pink

After getting married, although they were looking forward to it, Xiaoli and her husband had to wait 2 years to receive the good news of having their first child. At that time, Xiaoli noticed that her menstrual cycle was not coming as usual. She bought a pregnancy test but didn’t have much hope, but unexpectedly the pregnancy test showed 2 lines.

At the 7th week of pregnancy, the young couple was extremely happy when the doctor announced that she was not only pregnant but had 2 babies growing in her uterus. However, 1 month later, Xiaoli was quite worried because her belly grew very quickly, 2-3 times larger than some other pregnant mothers of the same gestational age. It was also time for a prenatal checkup, so she and her husband went to the checkup together.

Twin pregnancy turns into four, mother gives birth day makes the whole hospital "shocked" - 1

Xiaoli gave birth to two sets of identical twins.

After a while, the doctor placed the ultrasound machine on the pregnant woman’s abdomen and suddenly said: “I have something special for you!” Xiaoli and her husband looked at each other and smiled nervously. “There are not 2 but 4 fetuses growing up,” the doctor’s words made the young couple disappointed.

Although they were very happy, the couple couldn’t help but worry because at first they had determined that being pregnant and having twins would be quite difficult, but now they have 4 children, making Xiaoli and her husband really worried.

The young mother’s 4th month of pregnancy did not go well when her belly was so large that Xiaoli had difficulty walking, and she had to quit her job and stay home to rest. In order to best care for Xiaoli, her biological mother and mother-in-law took turns going to the couple’s house to support.

Twin pregnancy turns into four, mother gives birth day makes the whole hospital "shocked" - 2

On the day of the birth, many of her relatives were present.

Xiaoli’s house is also constantly visited by relatives and friends because everyone who hears that she is pregnant with 4 children is happy and wants to visit and congratulate her and her husband after 2 years of waiting. As for Xiaoli, she only wants her pregnancy to be safe, for a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

And the day the whole family has been waiting for has finally arrived. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, after careful discussion with doctors, Xiaoli’s family decided to have a cesarean section to welcome the children into the world.

2 hours after the mother was pushed into the delivery room, 4 babies cried and were born smoothly. However, because they were born 8 weeks premature, after holding them for their mother to see, the babies were taken to a special care center for premature babies.

When going out the door to notify the patient’s family, the nurse asked: “Where are pregnant women Xiaoli’s family?” At that time, up to 20 people ran to ask: “Are you healthy?” How many boys, how many girls? Are you all healthy? Can I meet the children?…”

When they heard the nurse say: “Congratulations to the family, including 2 boys and 2 girls who were born healthy”, everyone was filled with joy. After 1 month of special care at the hospital, Ms. Xiaoli’s children are now home and growing healthily.

Twin pregnancy turns into four, mother gives birth day makes the whole hospital "shocked" - 3

The happy family welcomed 4 healthy babies born after a period of special care.

Why did my mother’s  twin pregnancy turn into quadruplets?

Normally every month a woman will ovulate one egg, but sometimes 2 eggs are released at the same time and are fertilized by 2 sperm creating 2 different fertilized eggs. These 2 eggs will create 2 embryos and develop with 2 different placentas and umbilical cords – a common case of twins.

However, during the development process, some fertilized eggs continue to separate to form another embryo and in Ms. Xiaoli’s case, the two fertilized eggs separated to form two pairs of twins.

Because they are formed from the same fertilized egg, they will have the same chromosomes, genetics, gender, and appearance. Not only are they similar in appearance, but identical twins often also share the same blood type, IQ, and some physiological characteristics, susceptibility to disease…

Some cases of fetus in fetus – the phenomenon of pregnancy defects – we have read about, can be formed due to incomplete separation of identical twins.

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