Transforming a Baby from Red Spots to Radiant Beauty: An Inspiring

Mom used laser to remove birthmark on her child’s face but was mocked as a monster (photo)

Six months later, an Australian mother, Brooke, excitedly celebrated her second baby, a cute little boy, Kingsley. Kingsley was lively and smiling before he was born, but he had a red birthmark on half of his face, which disappeared after he was born. Soon, Brooke received a notice from the hospital: Kingsley needed to be transferred to the dermatology and vascular departments for diagnosis and treatment immediately.

The doctor told them that the birthmark on Kingsley’s face was a “port wine stain” formed by a gene mutation in early pregnancy.

Home .

Home Engineering…

This birthmark will become thicker, darker, and more cute.

Home The treatment entrance is very large, and any method may not work.

Home More than 20 consultations…

Less than a month old Kingsley had three MRIs, one scan, two hearing tests… and so on.

Home treatment.

Since there is still a period of recovery after laser treatment, Kingsley’s complexion will look worse than before.

But after Brooke shared the treatment process on the social platform, she was immediately attacked by netizens: “A brainwashed mother… makes her child feel insecure as soon as the crystal is born.”

And many people have not figured out that the purpose of laser treatment is for skin health, not beauty, and they directly said: “Why does everyone support it?” “The birthmark is almost invisible, what you did to him is too terrible”, (getting rid of the birthmark) is more important to you.”

Some netizens directly called Brooke a “monster”…

Go home.”?

She even began to question her decision to have surgery: Then my son flows in my imagination. ”

But fortunately, there are more rational people standing on the Brooke jury:

“This mother made the right decision. Well done.”

“Don’t listen to those keyboard warriors. ”

There are also mothers who shared the same experience: their sons have a chance to live a more normal life. My son was born with bilateral club feet, and he had idols on his legs from the second day… There are also many people who look at us, just like we hurt him…”

Although Brooke was uncomfortable, she still chose to continue Kingsley’s treatment.

The family brother’s foundation has also come out.

At present, there are only faint red marks on half of his face. The effect should be better if he continues to receive treatment.

Many netizens praised him as a “handsome man”.

The homepage is the most difficult decision for parents. I hope everyone will speak after understanding the knowledge of birthmarks.

As Kingsley’s condition improves and there is more positive support, she is now more and more confident: the journey has just begun, there is still a long way to go, but we will persist! ”

The homepage is one step closer.

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