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Birth can indeed be a profoundly joyful and emotional experience for many parents. The mix of emotions—joy, relief, tears—is completely natural and reflects the incredible intensity of the moment when a new life enters the world.

For parents, the birth of their child is often one of the most significant and transformative experiences of their lives. The culmination of months of anticipation and preparation leads to the breathtaking moment when they finally meet their baby face-to-face.

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Photographer Marry Fermont beautifully captures these raw emotions in her ‘First Moments’ series, highlighting the profound impact of childbirth. The sensation of time slowing down while so much is happening encapsulates the unique blend of intensity and serenity that accompanies childbirth.

New mums more satisfied after giving birth in a public hospital | Parenthub

Each birth story is unique, but what remains universal is the awe-inspiring beauty of new life and the profound emotions it evokes. Whether it’s tears of joy, overwhelming relief, or sheer happiness, these emotions reflect the deep connection and love between parents and their newborns. Birth can truly be a joyful and transformative experience, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey into parenthood.

Marry Fermont’s photography beautifully captures the intense and emotional moments when parents meet their newborns for the first time in her ‘First Moments’ series. Her ability to convey the depth of emotion and significance of this occasion is truly remarkable.

In describing the experience of childbirth, Marry Fermont eloquently captures the paradoxical nature of the moment—where time seems to both rush by and stand still. The flurry of activity and the sudden arrival of new life can create a whirlwind of emotions for parents.

One of the most poignant moments in her series is when a midwife gently hands the newborn to its mother. This simple act symbolizes the beginning of a profound bond and marks the start of a new chapter in the parents’ lives.

Through her lens, Marry Fermont preserves these fleeting yet monumental moments, allowing viewers to feel the intensity and tenderness of the first encounter between parent and child. Her work not only documents the physical act of childbirth but also captures the profound emotions that accompany it—joy, relief, wonder, and unconditional love.

Marry’s photographs serve as a testament to the timeless beauty and significance of birth, reminding us of the universal experiences that connect us all as human beings.

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