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Can Birth be Joyful? — Sunshine Coast Baby

In her compelling photo series “First Moments,” Marry Fermont, a 35-year-old photographer from Zeeland in the Netherlands, has captured the raw intensity and profound emotion of parents meeting their babies for the first time. Her work vividly depicts the mixture of joy, relief, and overwhelming emotion that accompanies the birth of a child.

A Glimpse into the First Moments

Marry’s photography conveys a profound narrative. She describes birth as an event where “everything happens really fast, but also in slow motion like time is standing still.” This paradoxical experience is beautifully encapsulated in her photos, where the intensity of the moment is palpable.

Capturing Intimacy and Emotion

Marry captures the intimate and emotional moments between new parents and their babies, such as the instance when a midwife hands a newborn to its mother. These images show the raw, unfiltered emotions of parents, often still exhausted from the birthing process. One particularly touching scene shows a new mother having skin-to-skin time with her crying newborn, while her partner gently strokes her hair. Marry believes this is an especially significant moment for the partner, who has felt the baby kicking but is now meeting them for the first time face-to-face.

Can Birth be Joyful? — Sunshine Coast Baby

The Emotional Journey of Birth

Marry, who has photographed 105 births, admits she sometimes gets swept up in the emotion herself. “Sometimes I shed a tear myself because you are so into the moment,” she reveals. Each birth is unique, filled with unpredictable and unfiltered emotions. The emotions range from relief and joy for the mothers to shock and amazement for the fathers. While mothers often express their feelings immediately with tears and joy, fathers typically take a bit longer to process the event and often cry later.

The Unpredictable Beauty of Birth

The diversity of Marry’s work is evident in her documentation of various birth settings, including home births, hospital births, water births, and even Caesarean sections. She emphasizes that no birth is out of bounds, capturing the exact moment a child is lifted from its mother’s womb following a Caesarean, for instance. Her photos reveal the full spectrum of emotions: joy, relief, amazement, pride, love, euphoria, and contentment, often interspersed with moments of silence and extreme joy.

The Rewarding Nature of Birth Photography

Marry describes being a part of such intimate moments as a privilege. “You forget everything that happens around you, except for taking photos, of course,” she says. The gratitude from parents when they receive her photos is immensely rewarding. Marry feels she has “the most rewarding job ever.”

Marry’s Unique Perspective

Since becoming a mother herself in 2014, Marry has gained firsthand experience of the emotions and challenges of childbirth. This personal experience has deepened her appreciation of the moments she captures, making her work even more meaningful. She acknowledges that being a birth photographer is demanding, as she is always on call, but the joy and satisfaction she derives from her job make it worthwhile.


Marry Fermont’s photography offers a poignant look at the first moments of life, capturing the profound emotions and intimate connections that define the experience of birth. Her work not only documents the arrival of new life but also celebrates the universal and deeply personal journey of becoming a parent. Through her lens, the essence of birth is immortalized, creating a visual legacy that resonates with parents and viewers alike.

Birth photos of mums holing babies for the first time | Bounty Parents

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