These are the largest tanks ever

In the world of military vehicles, where size, firepower, and durability are key attributes, some tanks stand out for their sheer scale and engineering ingenuity. These “super-heavy tanks,” though not always successful, showcase the limits of wartime innovation and remain iconic war machines. Here’s a look at some of the most notable super-heavy tanks from various countries.

15/15 Tog II

The Tog II was an evolution of the British Tog I, designed for rough terrain reminiscent of World War I. Despite its diesel V12 power and robust build, it remained a prototype as World War II evolved, rendering it unnecessary.

14/15 Jagdtiger


The German Jagdtiger, or Hunting Tiger, was nearly eleven meters long and weighed 83 tons. Despite its intimidating size and firepower, poor reliability meant many were abandoned on the battlefield.

13/15 T30 Heavy Tank

The American T30 Heavy Tank, weighing 145,000 pounds, was equipped with a 155 mm main gun and two machine guns. Its development ended near the conclusion of WWII, limiting its battlefield presence.

12/15 T28 Super Tank

The T28 Super Tank, the largest tank developed by the U.S. Military, was a prototype designed to combat Hitler’s armies. It measured eleven meters and weighed 95 tons, but never saw combat.

11/15 Panzer VIII Maus

The German Panzer VIII Maus weighed nearly 200 metric tons. Its immense weight limited its speed and maneuverability, and only two prototypes were built before the war ended.

10/15 Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster

Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster artwork – Never Was

A conceptual German tank designed to carry an 800 mm rail gun, the Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster remained on paper. It would have been a formidable machine, capable of decimating enemy fortifications.

9/15 “Megatron” Challenger 2

The British Challenger 2, known as “Megatron,” features robust Chobham armor. It has served in the Balkans and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and despite its heavy armor, it is not particularly fast, maxing out at 37 mph.

8/15 M26 Pershing

The M26 Pershing replaced the M4 Sherman during WWII and served in the Korean War. Weighing 46 tons, it was an effective machine, capable of destroying enemy tanks.

7/15 M1 Abrams


The M1 Abrams is one of the heaviest and most recognized U.S. tanks still in service. Weighing 68 tons, it remains an effective battlefield machine, continuing to serve due to its proven capabilities.

6/15 Leclerc Main Battle Tank

The French Leclerc, a 60-ton tank, features advanced armor and agility. It is primarily used by France and the UAE, known for its balance of firepower and maneuverability.

5/15 Landkreuzer P1000


The German Landkreuzer P1000 was a conceptual tank weighing 1,000 tons, featuring anti-aircraft guns and thick armor. Like the P1500 Monster, it was too impractical to be built.

4/15 King Tiger

The King Tiger was a highly capable German tank with sloped armor and a powerful 88 mm cannon. Weighing 75 tons, it was both heavily armored and relatively agile for its size.

3/15 K Wagen

The K Wagen was a German WWI prototype super-heavy tank. It faced issues of transport, handling, and speed, similar to later super-heavy tank designs.

2/15 FCM F1

AMX-56 Leclerc – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

The French FCM F1 featured 100 mm of armor and multiple weapons, including a 47 mm anti-tank gun. Despite its firepower, its size limited its agility.

1/15 Char 2C

The French Char 2C was one of the only super-heavy tanks to see action. Weighing 69 tons and powered by a German-built V12, it was effective but suffered from its large size, making it an easy target.

These super-heavy tanks, whether successful or not, represent the pinnacle of wartime engineering and the relentless pursuit of military dominance.


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