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Naked mole rats, often referred to as “cancer quarantiners” in the animal kingdom, are remarkable creatures known for their unique appearance and extraordinary health traits. Here are some key aspects of their fascinating biology:

Unique Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Naked mole rats have a distinctive look with wrinkled, hairless bodies, super large legs, tiny eyes, and poor eyesight. They are well-adapted to their underground habitats.
  • Lifespan: Despite their small size, naked mole rats can live up to 30 years, which is significantly longer than other rodents of similar size.

Những loài động vật kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới

Cancer Resistance

  • Natural Immunity: Naked mole rats have a natural immune function that protects them from cancer. Decades of scientific observation have not recorded any cases of cancer in these animals.
  • Diet: They have strong poison resistance and can consume poisonous creatures like scorpions, spiders, and centipedes without harm.

Scientific Studies

  • Research at UCLA: Experiments at the University of California, Los Angeles involved injecting naked mole rats with specially treated cancer cells. Remarkably, these cells disappeared after early division stages, indicating the mole rats’ robust anti-cancer abilities.
  • Gorbunova’s Discovery: Scientist Vera Gorbunova’s research revealed that naked mole rats produce a unique form of hyaluronic acid. This viscous substance, rich in sugar, is found in the intercellular spaces and acts as a protective barrier. If cells start to change abnormally, hyaluronic acid prevents them from dividing and forming tumors.

Mechanism of Cancer Resistance

  • Hyaluronic Acid Barrier: The hyaluronic acid in naked mole rats forms a lubricating barrier that halts cell division when cells begin to mutate. This prevents the formation and growth of tumors, effectively providing a natural cancer resistance mechanism.

The only animal that hasn't had cancer: I heard the name is Gia Minh!-Picture-2

Implications for Human Health

  • Potential Applications: Understanding the mechanisms behind the nak
  • ed mole rats’ cancer resistance could lead to significant advancements in cancer research and treatment for humans. Scientists are exploring how the unique properties of hyaluronic acid in these animals can be applied to develop new cancer therapies.

Naked mole rats serve as a powerful example of nature’s ingenuity, demonstrating how certain species have evolved exceptional biological defenses against diseases that affect most other animals, including humans. Their study continues to inspire and inform scientific research aimed at combating cancer and other diseases.

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