The youngster battles to survive his first Christmas in a race against death and

Emma Wathey, 27, experienced a seemingly normal birth with her baby boy George, who weighed a healthy 7 lbs 12 oz. However, just days later, Emma found George unresponsive and grey in his Moses basket. He was rushed to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, where he remains in pediatric intensive care due to sudden heart failure. Despite showing no signs of heart issues at birth, a scan confirmed the heart failure upon arrival at the hospital.

Emma, from Billingham, County Durham, is taking each day as it comes, expressing her profound wish to fix her son. She was shocked to learn that babies could require heart transplants. The experience has been overwhelming, with George’s birth feeling like a distant memory amidst the ongoing turmoil.

Emma is acutely aware that for George to receive a heart transplant, another family will endure the devastating loss of their child and consent to organ donation. She describes the potential act of organ donation as a selfless act that she would be forever grateful for, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about organ donation.

Throughout their journey, Emma and George have faced significant challenges together. She reflects on their bond, stating that even before George was born, he helped her through the difficult early months of pregnancy. Emma’s deep connection with her son makes the thought of losing him unimaginable, emphasizing how vital George is to her life and how she cannot fathom saying goodbye after such a short time together.

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