The world’s most premature baby celebrates his first

 Richard, a premature baby weighing more than 300 grams, has just celebrated his first birthday despite being in the group with a 0% chance of survival.

Richard Scott William Hutchinson celebrated his first birthday on June 5, surrounded by his family and their three pet dogs. “I still don’t believe this is true,” said Beth Hutchinson, Richard’s mother.

Richard was born weighing 337 grams at Minnesota Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis last June, after Beth suffered medical complications that caused her to go into labor in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Richard celebrated his birthday at his home in St Croix County, Wisconsin on June 5. Photo: Guinness.

Richard celebrated his birthday at his home in St Croix County, Wisconsin on June 5 

Born 131 days before his due date, Richard was so small that his parents could only hold him in the palm of their hands. The boy was recognized by Guinness as the world’s most premature baby. The doctor then warned Richard’s parents to prepare for the worst case scenario, because the survival rate of premature babies like this is 0%.

“When Rick and Beth received prenatal counseling about the possible risks of premature babies, our team assessed the likelihood of survival as 0%,” said Dr. Stacy Kern, a neonatologist, speak. “I knew Richard’s first few weeks would be difficult, but I felt if he could get through it, he would live.”

Due to Covid-19, Richard’s parents could not stay at the hospital overnight and other family members could not visit. Every day, Beth and her husband travel from their home in St Croix County, Wisconsin to Minneapolis to visit their children.

“We wanted to make sure we were there to support him. I think that helped him get through this because he knew he could count on us,” Rick said.

In December 2020, after 6 months in the hospital, Richard was able to return home. “The day Richard was discharged from the hospital was a truly special day. I still remember picking him up from the crib and hugging him in tears,” Dr. Kern said. “I can’t believe this is the boy who was so weak that I thought he wouldn’t survive.”

Beth, Richard’s mother, shared that until now they still feel surprised that Richard could overcome fate. “But I’m happy about it. And we want to be able to share our child’s story to raise awareness about premature birth,” she said.

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