The US Navy released a video recording a mysterious UFO crashing into the sea and discovering shocking secrets- Hilary

A video has been released showing an identified flying object (UFO) speeding in front of a US Navy ship before hovering behind it.

“US Navy releases video capturing mysterious UFO crashing into sea”

Director Jeremy Corbell developed this fantastic clip after becoming popular for posting footage of a pyramid UFO obtained by the crew of the USS Russell in July 2019. Corbell’s extraordiп website hosted the film.

On July 15, 2019, the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center (CIC) captured video of a black spherical object traveling through the sky. The object moved at speeds ranging from 46 to 158 miles per hour throughout the observation.

The submarine was supposedly sent on a search for UFOs, but no results were found. The object has not yet been recognized, according to Jeremy.

This lends credence to the hypothesis that many of the UFOs sighted by the US Navy are multi-purpose vehicles capable of performing missions both above and underwater.

“US Navy releases video capturing mysterious UFO crashing into sea”

“I can confirm that the information was collected by the US Navy and that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is investigating it,” Petago spokeswoman Sυsaп Goυgh said.

According to Corbell, the identified vehicles pass through an undersea UFO base on their way to and from other locations.

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