The touching story of the two baby elephants that were spared and given rehabilitation in Zimbabwe is evidence of fortitude and

In Zimbabwe, two orphaned baby elephants, Kadiki and Bumi, faced life-threatening situations before being rescued and rehabilitated by Roxy Danckwerts, founder of the wіɩd Is Life charity and the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN).

Kadiki, only one day old, was severely injured by a lion, suffering deep claw wounds to her trunk and tail. Meanwhile, one-month-old Bumi was found stuck among rocks, suffering from severe sunburn. Their chances of survival seemed slim until Danckwerts and her team intervened.

ZEN, the country’s only baby elephant sanctuary, collaborates with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants. Thanks to the dedicated care provided at ZEN, both Kadiki and Bumi have made remarkable recoveries. Kadiki, now ten days old, is strong enough to walk after undergoing surgery and receiving treatment for her injuries. Bumi has flourished as well, developing a playful demeanor and enjoying activities like playing with tires at the nursery.

The exact reasons for the separation of these baby elephants from their mothers remain unknown. Common causes include drought, poaching, accidents, and predator attacks. The collaboration between wіɩd is Life-ZEN and IFAW offers these rescued elephants a chance at a new life in the wild.

Nine of the original sanctuary residents have already begun their journey to rewilding, having been transported to the 86,000-acre Panda-Masuie Forest Reserve near Victoria Falls. The ultimate goal is to integrate Kadiki and Bumi into wild herds in the reserve after two years under the sanctuary’s care.

Roxy Danckwerts, who has rescued over 20 elephants in the past five years, is committed to creating a legacy of long-term protection for these intelligent animals. Working with IFAW, her efforts ensure that rescued elephants like Kadiki and Bumi have the opportunity to live safely and thrive in the wild.

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