The Third Taiwanese Tuo Chiang-class Corvette’s Newest Pictures Are Unveiled. MINA

In a recent tweet shared by Ryan Chan on September 21, 2022, fresh images of the third vessel from the Taiwanese Tuo Chiang-class corvette series have surfaced.

The Tuo Chiang-class corvette stands as a remarkable testament to Taiwan’s indigenous naval capabilities. Engineered for speed and stealth, these multi-mission corvettes have been purpose-built to serve the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy. This ambitious project was officially unveiled by the Ministry of National Defense in Taiwan on April 12, 2010.

New pictures released of third Taiwanese Tuo Chiang-class corvette

In a significant development, the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan allocated a substantial budget of NT$24.98 billion (equivalent to US$853.4 million) in 2011 to finance the construction of up to 12 of these cutting-edge vessels.

A major milestone was achieved in December 2020 when the first enhanced Tuo Chiang-class corvette, named PGG-619 Ta Chiang, was launched in Yilan. The plan entails delivering six improved models by 2023.

Taiwan's first upgraded and modified Catamaran Corvette started Sea Trial - Naval News

The Tuo Chiang-class design is strategically tailored to counter the growing number of advanced vessels within the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). It does so by employing hit-and-run tactics and incorporates several key features aimed at minimizing detection. These include a sleek upper structure design with minimal extrusions to reduce radar visibility, pre-cooled engine exhaust to lower infrared signature, and a reduced visual profile to decrease the likelihood of detection.

This vessel boasts a wave-piercing catamaran configuration, measuring 60.4 meters (198 feet) in length and 14 meters (46 feet) in width, while accommodating a crew of 41. Its capabilities extend to a top speed of 40 knots and an impressive range of 2,000 nautical miles (3,700 km; 2,300 mi).

Tuo Chiang-class corvette - Wikipedia

Armament-wise, the Tuo Chiang-class is equipped with eight subsonic Hsiung Feng II and eight supersonic Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile launchers, a Phalanx Close-In Weapons System for close-range defense, and a formidable 76 mm (3-inch) main gun.

In terms of operational conditions, this vessel can bravely navigate up to sea state 7, even in waves reaching heights of 20–30 feet (6.1–9.1 meters). It is a testament to Taiwan’s commitment to maintaining a capable and versatile naval presence in the region.

New navy corvette nearly complete - Taipei Times

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