The tale of a strong man who never loses up on his dream despite having no limbs and legs. He is now a family man with three children and a lovely

Nick Vujicic is about to become a father again! He and Kanae Miyahara are about to welcome their second child after baby Kiyoshi James Vujicic. In a sharing on Facebook, Nick wrote: “Please share with you the exciting and happy moment of my family preparing to welcome the arrival of Dejan Levi. Thank you photographer Nicoletta Daskalakis for taking the great photos!…”


Nick's family
Nick’s family


Radiant happiness
Radiant happiness


The photo made many people cry
The photo made many people cry


In the series of photos, Nick took pictures with his wife and son by the beach, Kanae Miyahara’s belly was quite big. Baby Kiyoshi James Vujicic happily smiled brightly next to his father and mother. The photo of baby Kiyoshi James Vujicic hugging his father received the most praise. Nick’s shared line received more than 2 million likes and nearly 40,000 comments. In particular, many netizens shared that they were moved to tears when looking at these beautiful photos: “Beautiful, happy family, thank you for sharing!”; “The photo is so beautiful it makes me cry!”; “I also cry for their happiness!”; “Too cute!”; “So sweet, tears of joy filled my eyes”…

Previously, when he learned that he would have a second child, Nick Vujicic also happily shared on Facebook and received many congratulations from the online community.

Nick Vujicic overcame his inferiority complex about his physical shortcomings to become a world-famous speaker, pursuing his passion of sharing and encouraging all those facing difficulties in life. He has a warm family and continues to fly everywhere to give speeches. Nick has been to Vietnam and given lectures in the S-shaped country.


Nick is about to welcome his second child into the world
Nick is about to welcome his second child into the world



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