The strategic move of GKN Aerospace was to complete the sale of the St. Louis facility to

The completion of the sale of GKN Aerospace’s St. Louis facility to Boeing marks a significant development for both companies and the local community. Originally purchased from Boeing in 2001, the facility has exclusively manufactured aerostructures for Boeing in recent years. The decision to return the site to Boeing ownership was made to secure the future of the facility and its employees.

The sale comes after a period of discussions between GKN Aerospace and Boeing, initiated to avoid the closure of the facility. The agreement ensures continuity for the skilled workforce at St. Louis and provides Boeing with the opportunity to further leverage the expertise and capabilities of the facility in support of its defense and aerospace programs.

Boeing’s Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Steve Parker, highlighted the positive impact of the agreement, emphasizing its benefits for employees, Boeing, and the broader St. Louis community. The sale aligns with Boeing’s strategic goals of expanding its presence in the region and capitalizing on growth opportunities in the defense and aerospace industry.

Boeing, which produces Super Hornets at a facility near St Louis, Missouri, is in the midst of a project to upgrade the US Navy’s F/A-18s to the latest Block III standard.

The urgency of the agreement may have been influenced by new and pending orders for Boeing’s F-15 and F/A-18 fighters, including a significant contract from the U.S. Navy and a potential deal with Israel. These orders extend the life of the manufacturing line in St. Louis, demonstrating the continued demand for Boeing’s military aircraft and the importance of securing production capabilities.

Overall, the sale of the St. Louis facility to Boeing represents a positive outcome for all parties involved, ensuring continued operations, employment stability, and ongoing contributions to the defense and aerospace sector.

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