The story of the mysterious man: He abandoned three sick bald dogs at the veterinary clinic

Humans can be very selfish. Thousands of campaigns have been carried out to raise awareness among the population not to adopt a pet if it does not have the appropriate conditions for its development. The following story is another proof of a man’s carelessness that affected the health of three innocent animals.

When a man walked into the West Mount Vets pet clinic in England, dressed casually and carrying himself confidently, no one inside suspected he was up to anything.

Before the front desk employees managed to realize what was happening, the mysterious man left a box on the floor and quickly left. Confused, the employees looked inside and discovered two completely bald puppies in desperate need of medical attention.

The puppies were in such a terrible condition. The people in charge of the place were disgusted by how someone could have neglected them and then abandoned them in such a cruel way.

“They are female and are believed to be around 4 months old. Neither of them had hair on their bodies, which is due to a severe case of mange,” said Sarah Bagley, an inspector for the RSPCA, the association that was responsible for transporting the puppies.

As expected, the helpless babies were beyond scared when they first arrived at the shelter, but as the days passed the love they received transformed them into healthy and mischievous puppies.

“I’m pleased to say they are getting better every day,” Gena Cameron, the shelter’s manager, said in a news release.

Everything seemed to indicate that the unusual story would have a happy ending. However, a week after the little girls were rescued, the same man who abandoned them returned to the clinic. This time he approached the receptionist for help, and when she went to find a nurse, he ran away again, leaving behind a third bald puppy.

The vet employees contacted the RSPCA again and the little puppy was reunited with his sisters at the shelter. “It is incredible that someone has left these puppies in this way, not once but on two occasions. The scabies have taken a long time to calm down, they have probably been sick most of their lives. “I am concerned about any other animals this person may have in their care,” Bagley said.

The puppies were affectionately named Dobby, Albus and Winky. Currently, they continue to recover from their terrible scabies. It will be quite a while before their fur fully grows back, but they are improving every day. “Their skin was so red when they first arrived, but their fur has already started to grow at the base of their tails. It will be a while before we can find them a home, but everything is definitely going in the right direction,” Cameron said.

Everyone at the RSPCA is very excited to see the puppies growing up healthy and are looking forward to the day they can find a loving home, as they were always meant to be. Share this unusual story with all your friends and say NO to animal abuse!

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