The story of finding the snake caused a stir among netizens, until people realized the snake’s true identity and

It sounds like the story of snake was quite the topic of discussion online, causing a lot of confusion and intrigue among netizens. From what you’ve shared, it seems that snake was actually a pet snake that went missing, and the owner’s plea for help to find the snake sparked a widespread reaction on social media.

Câu chuyện tìm “bé Na mất tích” khiến dân mạng xôn xao, đến khi nhận ra thân thế thật về bé Na thì ai cũng té xỉu - Ảnh 3.

The name snake likely gave the impression of a child or a cute pet, leading many people to initially misunderstand the situation. However, as the true identity of snake was revealed to be a large snake, it surprised and amused many, turning the story into a trending topic.

It’s interesting how such stories can capture people’s attention and spark conversations online. The mix-up between expectations based on the name and the reality of the situation certainly made for a memorable and amusing tale on social media.

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