The story of a kind woman who took care of homeless dogs in the slums.mina

A woman is moving thousands of animal lovers with her gesture towards hungry and sick dogs, who live in a cemetery in the Philippines.

Some places leave us impressed by their colors and beauty; they have a tranquility that simply transports us to another dimension. But there are also places that, far from impressing us because they are an earthly paradise, fill our souls with concern and anguish when we see desolation, hunger and pain.


This is the case of the Sarhento Mariano cemetery, in Manila, Philippines. In this place are not only the bodies of those who have gone to another dimension, poor families also live using the stones of the mausoleums as roofs and walls to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.


As if that were not enough to our astonishment, these low-income families are not alone, they are accompanied by nearly 150 dogs.


It’s amazing to see how they can consider this place as a place to live.


These dogs are oppressed, desperate from hunger and have diseases. Many of them suffer from a condition called sarcoptic mange, which little by little leaves their skin exposed as they lose their hair.


Ashley Fruno, founder of the local rescue group Pasay Pups, when she discovered this place a couple of years ago, she was very shocked by the images she perceived. She couldn’t find how to describe the situation, it was something like something out of a horror movie.


Ashley and her group of volunteers spare no effort to bring a little joy to these dogs who live surrounded by days of suffering.


This noble woman takes the dogs for a walk every day before the sun rises and the heat becomes unbearable.


This is a very warm place, they say that if ever a breeze blows in the Sarhento Mariano cemetery, it is most likely due to the movement of the tails of the dogs that are greeting when this angel arrives.


The dogs come running to meet them, they come out from under the stone monuments, jumping with immense joy.


They know that they will find food, medical check-ups and that love that they need so much.


How much tenderness they find in this staff who definitely loves them from the depths of their hearts!


Thanks to this group of volunteers who work at the local shelter, there is a spay and neuter program.


The attention these dogs receive has helped many of them now have regenerated skin.


Ashley’s mission doesn’t end with those dogs, many of them pets that are claimed by families who live alongside them.


Ashley explains that in the Philippines, the concept of ownership that applies to dogs is very broad. There is no regulation or responsibility for the pet.


The owner can give his dog food once a week and have this pet live around the house. Most of these animals are free and walk around the street trying to find food.


Ashley thinks that the best way to help is by creating awareness in the community by reinforcing efforts in younger people. Children must be involved, they are the most likely to learn and based on this learning it is easier to reach parents or adults.


That is why all the volunteer staff at the Pasay Pups shelter work to educate the community on how to care for dogs.


We applaud the work of this great woman and her team, without a doubt the heart and love they have for these animals is overflowing.

If you want to make a contribution to collaborate with this work carried out by Pasay Pups so that this family of canine friends has a better life, you can click here.

It is really important to help raise awareness regarding the treatment and responsibilities we have with our pets, they are beings that feel, suffer and deserve love and care.

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