The story is about a stray dog whose mouth was gagged and prevented from eating or drinking, causing him to lose weight and hope to find a new home.mina

One of Pokhrofskoy’s children Richardalovsky Krasny sent a Facebook message to a local animal shelter claiming that near his house his owner was found dead last month, the owner of this house left two miserable dogs in danger. two lately.

The name of this girl who publicly is xeпia detected a rotten smell in this house, for this reason, he ridiculed her even more. xeпia eпtra eп panic and delete the post.
The rescue team from that local shelter had to find out your information, your address, your phone number, and after seeing the sad photographs, they decided to locate them to save these two poor pets.
After almost three hours of travel and interrogations, you will arrive at the house. After breaking the lock, she escaped into the house and a terrible rotten smell rose, tragically the baby survived.

The other was a farmer, he was only a man and he was terribly ill, he was hungry for days, he cried a lot and his tears still flow. Maybe he was terribly sad. He was afraid and did not dare to look at the savior.

He will call him Boss. The married baby was being transported in the vehicle to the vet, Boss is being examined after the blood transfer, the baby will be cared for in the vet for some time.
The boss has a fantastic appetite, he eats well, which is wonderful, he is an exceptionally intelligent man.

Boss evolves every day, he was released and welcomed into a temporary home, he is waiting for a happy home.

Finally something fantastic happened, Boss was adopted by the family in kyiv and Boss’s magnificent adventure has begun.

Now is the time when we hope to see the joyful days of this angel. The boss is really beautiful, he loves everything, he has a big family.
“We appreciate your new family so much that we will always miss you, boss.” 

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