The skinny dog: the mission to save an autistic child from the abyss

When a poor puppy was found, she was so emaciated and skeletal that she was given only a 1% chance of survival. The scene that her rescuers found had never been experienced before, clearly the innocent dog had been a victim of the worst treatment and He was torn between life and death.


Everyone who saw her photos when she was rescued after being thrown in the most cruel way onto a road was truly horrified.

Xena was found by Animal Services in Creek, Georgia, United States, in such deplorable physical conditions that those responsible for her rescue burst into tears just by seeing her.

Poor little Xena, only 4 months old, was on the verge of starvation. She had spent much of her short life in a cage before she was dumped as trash on the side of the road. She weighed just 2.5kg when she arrived at the animal shelter.

But, thanks to the infinite and loving care of all the volunteers, she began to recover quickly. However, her condition remained delicate, so the volunteers created a Facebook page to document and share the story of little “Xena, the warrior puppy (Xena, the warrior puppy)”, in addition to asking the entire community for help.

Kind souls from all over the world began sending donations to help this brave dog. Soon, Xena was nicknamed the “miracle dog,” because her life itself is a miracle, and her rescue and recovery truly incredible. But, her great survival story did not end there.

Some time later, the animal shelter created a foundation in Xena’s honor. The goal is to raise the money and means necessary to change stories like those of Xena, who was already strong enough to thank the good people who helped her.

That’s how Grant and Linda Hickey, from Johns Creek, appeared at the foundation, and sweet Xena was captivated by them. The couple had a little boy diagnosed with severe autism, to the point that he never socialized or spoke.

Although they already had experience with dogs, they really ventured to adopt Xena, since little Johnny had no emotional bond with anyone, not with his parents, nor with his other pets.

Linda relates that she didn’t even prepare Jonny for Xena’s arrival home. The little one was waiting in the car, and when Xena climbed in for the first time, what they witnessed was a true miracle.

«Immediately, Xena climbed onto his legs, started licking him and Jonny was letting her. Within seconds, she was telling him that he loved her,” Linda said through tears.

Somehow, when Linda saw Xena at the shelter and after following her entire story online, she knew that her son and the dog were predestined to save each other.

Xena’s presence and love influenced the little boy so positively that he began to speak, and come out of his shell, and from the deep abyss from which he would hardly have emerged without her help.

Now Jonny talks to Xena all the time, and they have become inseparable best friends and partners in mischief, supporting each other in everything they do.

From their Facebook page, together they continue to spread a message of compassion for both animals and people with autism throughout the planet.

Although Xena’s life is marked by a cruel past, today she blesses Jonny’s life and his parents can only celebrate the miracle they thought would never come to their lives.

Xena, for her part, lives happily, grateful and proud of having miraculously survived to become the savior of a little boy who needed her so much. This beautiful story teaches us to overcome any adversity and turn small opportunities into big victories.

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