The Russian Ministry of Defense received advanced 2B11 towed mortars from Rostec State

The recent supply of 2B11 towed mortars of 120 mm caliber to the Russian Ministry of Defense by Rostec State Corporation marks a significant advancement in artillery systems. Known for its reliability and effectiveness, the 2B11 boasts a simple yet functional design with improved wheel travel, enabling swift deployment to firing positions. Equipped with an enhanced all-round firing plate, the mortar efficiently absorbs recoil energy, ensuring stable positioning for accurate shooting. Moreover, its versatility is highlighted by the capability to fire various types of mines, including high-explosive fragmentation, smoke, illumination, and incendiary.

2S12A Sani 120mm Mortar Systems

Bekhan Ozdoev, industrial director of Rostec’s weapons complex, emphasizes the corporation’s commitment to modern artillery systems, including the 2B11 on wheels, alongside other formidable weapons like the Malva wheeled howitzer and the modernized Msta-S. These weapons offer reliable solutions for engaging diverse targets, from personnel and lightly armored vehicles to fortified enemy positions.

2S12A Sani 120mm Mortar Systems

The 2B11 mortar, a part of the 2S12 Sani system, was developed by the Soviet Union in 1981, building upon the classic Model 1943 design while reducing weight for improved mobility. The Sani mortar system, comprising the 2B11 mortar, 2L81 wheeled carriage, and 2F510 transport vehicle, provides a versatile solution for engaging targets in the tactical area. With its manageable weight and impressive firing range of up to 7100 meters, the Sani 120mm 2S12 ensures rapid response capabilities and effective deterrence against threats.

2S12A Sani 120mm Mortar Systems. (Photo by Rosoboronexport)

Overall, the supply of these advanced artillery systems underscores Rostec’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern defense forces.

2S12A Sani 120mm Mortar Systems. (Photo by Rosoboronexport)

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