The resounding plea of 60 dogs and their miraculous journey to escape suffering from dog meat traders

Although our Western vision makes it difficult for us to think about the idea of ​​consuming dog meat, the truth is that this is a very common practice in minority regions of Asia, especially in China. Despite the efforts of pro-animalist organizations,  these death centers continue to exist, where animals are sacrificed for consumption .

China Rescue Dogs  is one of these non-profit associations that is fighting hard to provide a better quality of life and a happy ending to  60 dogs  that managed to be rescued from one of these businesses located in the Asian Giant.

According to a spokesperson for the organization,  they are committed to removing and sheltering the puppies in warm, loving  permanent homes, all located in the United States and Canada.

In the past,  China Rescue Dogs managed to place dozens of pets in their new homes , always taking into account the status of these new families so as not to put at risk and preserve the health, integrity and well-being of the dogs. Even with the great challenges and travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.“China Rescue Dogs and 12 other dog rescue organizations are currently working to bring a new group of 60 dogs to the United States,” said Jill Stewart, president and founder of the organization.

The activist in favor of the right to life of animals assures that, now  more than ever, it is urgent to join forces to save hundreds of pets  whose lives are at risk, especially  in the days before the celebration. of the Chinese New Year.“The country basically closes during the month of February. For their survival, we have to remove as many as possible from these indiscriminate killing centers,” he added in his statement on why this rushed rescue of 60 dogs is so important.

Two cargo planes have been arranged to transport the furry animals on their long journey to freedom,  from  China  to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in  New York City . It is estimated that the arrival of the puppies to US soil will take place in the coming days. China Rescue Dogs will cover travel costs.

To do this, they have started a campaign in which some money has already begun to be raised. However, the organizers  are missing about $14,000  to ensure that all the canines reach their destination safely. We can all help and be their voice so they have a happy home.

Share this story with your loved ones. It is time for these indiscriminate killings under the excuse of tradition to be exterminated once and for all. Let’s raise our voices!

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