The paralyzed and abandoned dog lived for days on a construction site: this is how he survived in harsh circumstances

The story you are about to read features a little dog whose fate seemed sealed forever. The change of direction that occurred in her life, marked by suffering, testifies that it is everyone’s duty to contribute to turning the lives of these poor animals around. From abandonment to paralysis, Martha – this is the name of the unfortunate German Shepherd – has truly been through it all.

Probably, before being left to her own devices, Martha was a guard dog on a construction site, where some volunteers actually found her. Apparently her owners, after having used her for their own purposes, realized that they did not have the means to take care of her. So, these irresponsible owners let their Martha suffer for a long time before turning to someone competent.

When those people decided to call The GoGo volunteers , too much time had already passed. In fact, Martha had probably started feeling ill a few weeks earlier. The conditions in which the rescuers found the German shepherd were testimony to this. The dog, in fact, was lying among the dirt and urine, and was immobilized due to the fracture of his two hind legs. The condition of her fractures was so serious that the vets immediately assumed that Martha would never walk on her own legs again.

Unfortunately, the predictions turned out to be correct, but the help of a wheelchair and the affection of the volunteers allowed Martha to face a peaceful recovery. As she became familiar with the new wheeled device, here was the most significant turning point. A couple of young lovers decided to adopt the dog, guaranteeing her a future full of care and affection . We are certain that Martha now finally has the opportunity to live peacefully, as she has always deserved.

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