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Last month, an African elephant found itself in a perilous situation, trapped in mud and beginning to sink into the ground. Dr. Kieran Avery, a 34-year-old veterinarian and conservationist from Kenya, was among the members of a small team that orchestrated the dramatic rescue of the female elephant after she became stuck in the waters at the edge of a dam. In June, Dr. Avery responded to a call from the local community in Isiolo County, Kenya, alerting him to the elephant’s plight, and he documented the rescue effort with photographs.

The elephant made a fortunate escape when a team of conservationists managed to free her from the predicament. Concerned locals alerted a small team of rescuers to the scene after discovering the elephant stuck in the mud. Drawing from past experiences rescuing elephants from similar situations, the team knew they only needed a few tools, including straps and a tractor, to execute the rescue operation.

Dr. Avery explained that they placed the straps around the elephant and carefully pulled her from the muddy trap until she was safely clear. Left behind by her herd, she ran off to rejoin them once she regained her energy.

“A call came in from the community early that morning to inform us of the stuck elephant. Given our experience with removing elephants stuck like this, we mobilized immediately to assist. Members of the community sent us photos to guide us on what would be needed to free her,” Dr. Avery said.

According to Dr. Avery, locals informed the rescuers about the stuck elephant early in the morning. The team is known for their experience in saving elephants from similar situations in the past.

Kieran described the process, noting that it involves carefully positioning the straps to allow the tractor to pull her out while ensuring the elephant doesn’t grab the rescuers with her trunk, which could cause serious injury to the team.

He added, “Ideally, the straps should be placed around her hindquarters, below her tail. The tractor then applies careful tension, and we observe the elephant and the position of the straps. If everything looks good, the tractor continues to pull until the elephant is well clear of the mud and on stable ground. It doesn’t take a big team—just a handful of us with the right tools.”

The female African elephant was visibly distressed and exhausted, yet her fighting spirit remained intact, a hopeful sign. Pictured: The elephant, halfway out of the muddy pool, lies on her side as rescuers continue their efforts to free her.

A tractor was employed to pull the elephant out of the pool. The rescuers had placed straps “around her hindquarters, below her tail,” and the vehicle then applied careful tension to ease her out of the mud.

The rescuers observe closely as the tractor applies tension to the straps around the elephant to ensure the process is working. Once confirmed, the tractor continues to pull the elephant until it is safely clear of the pool, Dr. Avery said.

Captured in the photo: The elephant rests on the ground after being rescued from a muddy pool by a dedicated team in Kenya.

Captured in a photo: The rescued elephant runs to reunite with her herd after being freed from the mud at a dam in Kenya this June.

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