The mother’s actions resulted in the 4-month-old baby becoming known as the “apple baby,” which caused the internet community to

According to Set News, doctors at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan recently treated a 4-month-old boy admitted with a concave head injury due to the carelessness of his parents. Doctors described the baby’s head as resembling “an apple bitten off.”

The injury resulted from the parents failing to ensure their child’s safety in the car, a common mistake among many parents. On the day of the incident, the boy’s father was driving while his mother held him in the passenger seat. Following a strong impact, the baby hit his head on the front panel, causing a concave deformation approximately 5 cm in size.

Bé 4 tháng đầu lõm sâu như quả táo cắn dở do sai lầm của người mẹ - 3

Dr. Hsu Mei-hsin of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital stated that the boy’s skull was severely deformed upon admission. Fortunately, a CT scan showed no signs of intracranial hemorrhage. Doctors successfully performed surgery to restore the boy’s skull to its original position. The boy regained consciousness and was discharged from the hospital after one week of treatment.

Bé 4 tháng đầu lõm sâu như quả táo cắn dở do sai lầm của người mẹ - 2

Doctors noted that the boy was extremely fortunate, as a stronger force or intracranial hemorrhage could have resulted in paralysis, brain damage, or even death.

This incident underscores the importance of using child safety seats when riding in a car. Dr. Hsu Mei-hsin urged parents to always use a properly installed child safety seat to ensure their children’s safety.

Bé 4 tháng đầu lõm sâu như quả táo cắn dở do sai lầm của người mẹ - 1

Authorities and experts have also issued warnings that children under 4 years old should be securely placed in child safety seats when in cars. This precaution is crucial, as previous cases of adult negligence have led to severe injuries or fatalities in young children.

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