The mother’s actions resulted in the 4-month-old baby becoming known as the “apple baby,” which caused the internet community to

The recent case of a 4-month-old boy in Taiwan highlights the critical importance of proper child safety measures in vehicles. The boy, admitted to Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital with a concave skull described as “like an apple being bitten off,” suffered this injury due to a car accident. His mother was holding him in the passenger seat when his head hit the front panel during a collision, causing a 5 cm depression in his skull.

Bé 4 tháng đầu lõm sâu như quả táo cắn dở do sai lầm của người mẹ - 1

Dr. Hsu Mei-hsin from the hospital reported that, fortunately, a CT scan revealed no signs of intracranial hemorrhage. The medical team performed a successful surgery to restore the boy’s skull to its normal shape. After a week of treatment, the boy regained consciousness and was discharged.

Bé 4 tháng đầu lõm sâu như quả táo cắn dở do sai lầm của người mẹ - 3

This incident underscores the dangers of not using child safety seats properly. According to Dr. Hsu, the boy’s recovery was incredibly fortunate, as a stronger impact could have resulted in paralysis, brain damage, or death. She emphasized the necessity of using child safety seats correctly to ensure children’s safety in vehicles.

Authorities and experts also stress that children under 4 years old should always be in appropriate child safety seats when riding in cars. This measure is crucial to prevent serious injuries or fatalities resulting from car accidents, highlighting a widespread issue of negligence that needs urgent attention.

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