The mother of eight, including twins and triplets, explains her approach to managing a large

Chloe Dunstan’s approach to managing a large family, particularly with twins and triplets, is both impressive and inspiring. She seems to have developed a structured yet flexible routine that maximizes efficiency while fostering a nurturing environment for her children. Here are some key points that stand out:

  1. Structured Routine: Chloe’s day is clearly mapped out, from morning preparations to bedtime. This structure helps in managing the chaos that can come with a large family, ensuring that everyone knows what to expect and when.
  2. Mum of eight kids including twins and triplets shares how she manages her big family 3
  3. Involvement of Children: She involves her children in daily tasks, such as tidying up and helping with dinner preparation. This not only teaches them responsibility but also eases her workload.
  4. Home Schooling: By homeschooling, Chloe can tailor her children’s education to their interests and needs, while also integrating it smoothly into their daily routine. This flexibility seems to be a key factor in managing her time effectively.

  1. Efficient Meal Preparation: Chloe opts for quick, nutritious meals that cater to her family’s dietary preferences. This shows her practical approach to ensuring her family eats well without spending excessive time on meal prep.
  2. Focus on Family Time: By working from home and homeschooling, Chloe prioritizes family time, which is crucial for bonding in a large family.

Mum of eight kids including twins and triplets shares how she manages her big family

  1. Adaptability: Chloe’s routine has evolved over time, and she acknowledges that things have gotten easier as the children have grown. This adaptability is essential for managing a dynamic household.
  2. Night-Time Routine: Her detailed evening routine, including baths, pyjamas, and bedtime stories, creates a calming end to the day and helps the children wind down for sleep.
  3. Teamwork with Husband: Sharing the workload with her husband, Rohan, shows a partnership approach, which is important for maintaining balance and support within the family.

Overall, Chloe seems to handle the challenges of a large family with grace, practicality, and a focus on creating a loving and supportive environment. Her ability to balance homeschooling, running a business, and maintaining a household is commendable and likely requires significant organizational skills and patience.

Mum of eight kids including twins and triplets shares how she manages her big family

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